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Welcome to Reception

This year we have a full class of 30 children, with 11 girls and 19 boys.

Reception Information

A very, warm welcome to all of our children and their parents from Mr Roberts and Mrs Jones. We are looking forward to the start of a new and exciting learning journey with your child at St George’s. We have an open door policy, so please feel free to come and chat with staff about any concerns or issues that you may have, or to share some news about your child. An ideal time to do this would be at the end of the school day. If your child would like to bring something into school to share with us, then we would be more than happy to talk about it during our carpet time, so please discuss this with a member of staff at the beginning of the day.

We continue to have Magic Moments where you can share those special moments that you have with your child, with us and we can share these with our class. Each Magic Moment is shared on the carpet and then put up on display in our cloakroom for everyone to see. Should you wish to include a photograph, then please do and we will make a copy and put this on display with your Magic Moment.

In Reception we continue to learn through play, furthering our ability to communicate, explore and investigate the world around us, solving any problems that we encounter as we go (both  indoors and outdoors) and develop a greater understanding of numbers and shapes.

We follow the Early Years curriculum with it’s seven areas of learning: Personal, Social and  Emotional  Development; Physical Development, Communication and Language; Mathematics; Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Every area is equally important and organised into both our indoor and outdoor learning.

Stay and Play                                                                               

We organise three Stay and Play sessions where parents and carers are actively encouraged to take part in staying for an hour one afternoon to see how your child is progressing. You will have plenty of opportunities for playing with your child  within our classroom and outdoor area at the different activities. We will try to give you plenty of notice so that you are able to take the time to come to Stay and Play.

How can you help?

Phonics: We are starting a new phonics scheme this year called Read, Write, Inc. Please support your child in learning the different sounds by visiting the website here you will find out the different sounds of various   letters and groups of letters which will help you to support your child.

Reading: Please, please, please, join the library with your children and change their  library books regularly. Look at books and talk about the pictures, the main characters, where the story is taking pace (the setting). Talk about the books that you liked to read when you were their age and help them to develop a love of reading. Each week they will bring home a new reading task (whether that is character cards, word cards, a word mat or their reading book)  Take time to work with your child helping them to read them and become confident in identifying the words and discussing the story.

Writing: Encourage your children to mark make and write with sticks in mud,      paintbrushes and water on coloured paper or even in the garden on the fence/wall. Use water pistols to aim and develop a firm grip to create shapes, patterns, letters, words etc. For the children who are beginning to create the correct letters for each sound, remind them to stretch words out and write all the sounds that they can hear. Encourage your child to start early mark making/writing by making and writing cards for family and friends, creating shopping lists together of the things that you need. Show your child/ren how you write and talk about what you are doing as if your child sees how you write then they are much more prepared to have a go. Lots of positive praise for trying and rewards, such as smiley faces, stampers, stickers etc will also encourage them to keep trying.

Number: Work with your children on reciting numbers starting at different numbers (not always from zero). When saying numbers, miss numbers out and ask them what the missing number is? Ask them about what number comes after, before, in between certain numbers. Count in ones, fives and tens to encourage them to hear numbers that they may not be aware of. Write numbers on post-its and stick them around the house, then have a number treasure hunt where you ask your child/ren to find specific numbers etc.

Please talk to your child about what they have been doing in school, they class everything as play because they do not realise that as they play with the activities and resources they are learning all of the time. Ask them what did they play with? Who did they play with? What did they like most about today?


Please remember, our school day starts at 8:45 so do be on time and your child can gain the most from our Early Years department, plus we finish at 3pm. If you are going to be late please could you phone our school office so that we are able to reassure your child. Thank you.



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