Here you’ll find a list of all the staff who work here at St George’s C of E Primary School. Each is listed with their role for 2018/19 shown besides.

Mrs J. Tyers   Executive Headteacher
Mrs E. McLearnon   Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K. Reid   Assistant Headteacher/SENCO
Mrs R Mortin    Y6 Class Teacher
Mr F Lentini   Y5 Class Teacher
Mr S Thornton   Y4 Class Teacher
Mrs H Moore   Y3 Class Teacher
Miss N Newby   Y2 Class Teacher
Mrs K. Morse   Y1 Class Teacher
Mrs V. Hutchinson   Reception Class Teacher
Mr K. Roberts   Nursery Class Teacher
Mrs J Thomas   Small Groups Teacher
Mrs S. Downey   Children and Families Officer
Ms K. Grainger   Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Deepak   KS2 Teaching Assistant
Miss G.Barlow   KS2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Midgley   KS2 Teaching Assistant
Miss C. Smith   KS2 Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Lowe   KS1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs P. Jones   Early Years Teaching Assistant
Miss M. Toole   Early Years and KS1 Teaching Assistant
Miss F Ali   Early Years Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Mosey   SEN Teaching Assistant
Mr T. Pennington   Site Manager
Mrs T. Kehoe   Executive School Business Manager
Ms L. Hartley   School Admin/Finance Officer


St George's C.E. Primary School

Concord Place, Salford, M6 6SJ

Tel: 0161 921 1660

Executive Headteacher: Mrs J Tyers

Contact: Mrs T Kehoe or Ms L Hartley