Viking Holidays! By Charlie, Feyi and Chardonnay

Date: 4th Mar 2019 @ 2:46pm

Our Viking Holidays would be very exciting if they were real packages!

All the packages available sound really fun, like staying in an all-weather hut and making your own seal-skin sleeping bag (which is a little bit gross).

'You could battle to be King (or Queen) - this means you can tell anyone to to anyhting you want!' Charlie.

'Viking photo shoots with Viking props would be a fun activity on holiday.'

Some children had funny ideas - like turkey leg flavoured and shaped candy floss!

'I enjoyed creating my Viking Holidays leaflet because I made up some fun names for the shops. 'Vnickers' - for all your Viking knicker needs; 'Soxons' - for all your Viking sock needs and 'Anglahair' - for the latest Viking hair dos.' Feyi.


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