A Visit by the author Terry Caffrey

Class: Year 3 Year: 2018 - 2019

Terry Caffrey

On Thursday 28th June 2018 our class and Y4, Y5 and Y6 all came slowly to the hall to see the visitor.  His name was Terry.  Terry ws telling jokes and he was so funny like a clown juggling balls quickly.  Ten minutes later he told us that he came from Liverpool.

In the hall, Terry read some poems from one of the books and we joined in.  It was funny.  He told us more jokes and it made me laugh and it made some children giggle around like monkeys.  One poem made me dizzy when the caterpillar went to do a lot of things like when he rode on a bike.

During English, Terry came to our classroom to let us see how other children made some books and two children made a Roald Dahl book.  Terry tod us that whe he was 29 he twisted his leg when he was playing football.  We made a book and it was just the right thing.  Mrs Smith helped and so did Mr McEleney.  I made a nice poem book.

As it was afternoon, we brought our poem books to the hall.  At the same time, we showed our display of books and we presented them to the rest of the school.  I had the funniest time and I walked home with a funny face.

Marek (Year 3)

Terry Caffrey

I learned that if you want to be a famous writer then first just write what you think before it all comes out of the end of your pen!

Terry told us that when you write the first draft of anything, it does not have to be neat or spelt correctly.

I absolutely loved all of the jokes that Terry made and I also loved the bum poem at the end.

Mikey (Year 4)

Terry Caffrey

Today, a poet names Terry Caffrey came to our school to do some activities with each class.  Years 3, 4 and 5 made small booklets called; It was so quiet I could hear....

Terry taught us that it is ok to make mistakes and to not focus on spelling and handwriting, but to just get your ideas down on paper.

His visit inspired me to make my own oem usig his word wall. 

Once we had written our poems, five students from each class presented the first lines of their poem. 

Terry was very funny throughout as he was constantly making funny jokes.  For example he said, "Tell me if Mrs Tyers rolls down to class!"

Elise  (Year 5)

Terry Caffrey

On Thursday 28th June, Terry Caffrey(a famous poet) came to visit our school.

He held a quick assembly in the morning and workshops throughout the day.

From Years Three to Six, Terry Caffrey gave activities out to do.  Year 3, 4 and 5 made mini books and Year 6 children were given a piece of paper to write "I want to be...." sentences with certain subjects.

At the end of the day, the classes gathered together in the hall and shared our work.

We all enjoyed it and thought that the jokes that Terry tod were comical.  I hope that he comes back again soon.

Abby-May (Year 6)


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