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At St George's, we are embarking on a journey towards becoming a paper-free school incorporating ClassDojo and School Spider in our communication with parents and carers.

We strongly urge all our parents and carers to sign up to ClassDojo app, Apple or Android, as this is our main method of communication. We also use School Spider for parents and carers to sign up for events like parent teacher meetings and after school clubs. Please speak to the school office about your username and password for School Spider. 

There may still be occasions where paper copies are unavoidable and we do appreciate that there may be a small number of parents who do not have access to a smart phone or a device to view communications/ letters with. In these instances, a paper copy will be available from the school office upon request. 

Reminders and messages from class teachers/the office will only be sent by ClassDojo or School Spider.

How does this benefit us both?

  1. Using ClassDojo and School Spider for our communication streamlines our overall approach. All staff, pupils, parents and the school office will communicate via the same method providing a consistent delivery of information.
  2. It allows us to instantly communicate with you.
  3. You will be notified of any communications (rather than rooting through bags and pockets…)
  4. And of course we are saving paper.

How do I communicate with the office?

We would encourage you to contact the office via telephone, face to face or via email as usual, where your query is urgent. Although you can send a message to the office via School Spider, the office account is only monitored intermittently throughout the day.

You can respond and interact with your class teachers on ClassDojo, however we would like to reiterate that teachers may not be able to respond to your messages instantly as they will be busy teaching your children. Equally, messages will not be responded to in the evenings or over the course of the weekend.

For any urgent messages during the schools operating hours (8.30am – 4.15pm, Monday - Friday), please contact the office on 0161 921 1660.


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