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Online Safety

Year 1 - 2

The internet can be an exciting place to learn and have fun, but sometimes you might see something online that makes you feel worried, scared or sad.

If that happens, tell an adult you trust like a parent or a teacher, and they can help.

Find out more about online safety by clicking here.

Years 3 - 6

Playing games, chatting and sharing photos and videos can be fun.

If you ever feel worried, upset or scared about something that happens online, tell an adult you trust. They will be able to help you. Whatever happened, it's not your fault. 

Click here to find out more about staying safe online. 

If you need more help because of something that has happened online - like if someone has tried to make you do something you don't want to do, or said something bad will happen if you don't do what they say - you can get support from CEOP by clicking on the button below. 



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