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Sale Sharks Foundation - Eat Well, Play Safe

During the first half of the Summer Term 2024, Years 3 and 4 received 5 weeks of rugby and healthy living lessons from the superb Sale Sharks coaching team.

  • The children were taught how to play Tag Rugby; learning the art of throwing and catching a rugby ball, how to safely 'tackle' another player and how to play as part of a team.

  • In their healthy living lessons, the children learnt what a healthy, balanced diet looks like, the importance of a good night's sleep and how to stay fit and healthy.

  • The children said...

I really loved learning how to play tag rugby. It was so much fun!

"It was lots of fun because we got to dive on the ground and dodge everyone to avoid being tackled."

"It was dead good! I enjoyed it and learnt how to play a new game, and you get to play in teams."

"Rugby is really fun because you get to dive on the ground and tackle the other players."

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Executive Headteacher:
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